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Meet Ebuku Threads

We chat to Emma on how she discovered her love and passion for traditional African craft and textiles and how this inspired her to launch Ebuku Threads.

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Meet Sondr London

Meet Shamim, founder of Sondr London, an independent UK jewellery brand which oozes an effortless cool aesthetic paired with modern, timeless designs.

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How To Stop A Silk Scarf Slipping In Your Hair

We've lost a silk scarf or two and it's always upsetting when it's a favourite. So here's one of our top tips to stop a silk scarf slipping in your hair. Whether you're wearing it wrapped round a ponytail, hair bun or top knot, add extra security and simply slip your silk scarf through the hair bobble to secure. Even if your knot (we always like to double knot!) comes undone, your silk scarf will remain secure to ensure it's not lost. Watch the "how-to" tutorial below. Got a question? Email us at or drop us a DM via Instagram @liomara_thelabel

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