Meet Ebuku Threads

Ebuku Threads celebrates a traditional African craft to create one of a kind beautiful silk pieces. With mass production and cheap imitations flooding the market from China, Emma's passionate about raising the profile and bringing awareness back to traditional craft and the highly skilled artisans who's livelehoods depend on it.

This is her story...


Lio Mara Interview With Ebuku Threads

Today in this fast paced world we live in so many traditional handcrafted techniques and traditions go undervalued, with many crafts being pushed aside for mass produced factory made lookalikes, putting artisans around the world out of business.

In this fast paced world we live in today where there are unethical practices, waste, mass production and global inequality I knew that whatever I did, it needed to have a positive impact. Supporting women artisans for me was definitely personal. I always think that women supporting women has something special to it that only women can understand. 

I travelled to Nigeria and spent time meeting with various artists who knew a lot about the craft. I also took part in a workshop myself to learn the craft. After visiting a local workshop where the textile tradition was being taught I connected with a couple of women there who later became our partner artisans.

Lio Mara Interview With Ebuku Threads About Batik Dying And Meaning Behind The Circle Of Life Print

Each of the pieces are a work of art by the artisans making the product, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
Thank you for supporting UK small business and independent brands. If you're looking for a beautiful, one of a kind piece for your wardrobe, view Ebuku's full collection here or show them some love on Instagram @ebukuthreads