Meet Sondr London

Sondr London has been a huge favourite for some time now. The independent jewellery brand oozes an effortless cool aesthetic paired with modern, timeless designs.

There's such depth to each and every piece, in terms of the story behind each item and the beautiful tones and textures of each piece. 
Shamim launched the brand at a similar time to Lio Mara and I've loved watching this small business grow.

This is her story...

Lio Mara Interview With Sondr London Female Founder UK Independent Business

I create made-to-order jewellery which I describe as modern talismans as they’re created in London’s Hatton Garden using age-old techniques.

Having trained and worked as a chartered accountant for several years, I really needed a creative outlet (not in abundant supply as an accountant!). I started creating jewellery on the side of my day job and so Sondr London was born. Drawing inspiration from vintage and ancient styles and the idea that nothing in life is perfect, I love creating textured, worn looking pieces that people can cherish for years to come.

What's your favourite piece from the Sondr London collection?

This is tough but I'd have to go with the broken coin Lea and Leo necklaces being my favourite pieces. I wanted to create a talisman for self-belief as it's something I think many people can struggle with at times, including myself. The first collection was designed to celebrate the courage and belief people have when starting something new. The lion has always been a symbol of strength and confidence and I wanted to create a talisman that made people feel like they can achieve anything if you just fiercely and proudly back yourself! It's something I keep telling myself when I feel myself doubting anything I'm doing. Also the details on the coin are just beautiful and they really make a statement when worn. 

Lio Mara Interview With Sondr London Female Founder Leo And Lea Gold Necklace Talismans

What do you enjoy most when it comes to Sondr London?

Working with new and interesting people that I would never get a chance to in my day job! I never had any role models in creative industries growing up, if I had, my choices might have been different but I really enjoy working with amazing photographers, stylists and other creatives and seeing how they bring their visions to life.

Lio Mara Interview With Sondr London Female Founder UK Jewellery Small Business

Also receiving amazing feedback from customers and talking to them about why they bought my pieces (to mark a special moment etc). It’s SO lovely to hear why people have bought from you and how much they love their jewellery. It just makes it all so worthwhile.



Thank you for supporting UK small business and independent brands. If you're looking for a meaningful piece of jewellery that will last years, take a peek at Sondr London's full collection here or show them some love on Instagram @sondrlondon