What Is Tencel And Why Is It Sustainable Fabric Choice?

The idea for Lio Mara was born from the silk scarf. Why? A silk scarf brings multiple uses and multiple ways it can be worn ensuring its place as a hardworking, stylish item in our daily wardrobe and lowering cost per wear.

As we look to launch a new range of scarves and accessories, we’re continually on the search for sustainable and ethical fabrics, educating ourselves and experimenting with various alternatives, seeking out other sources of sustainable and ethical fabrics whilst not compromising on quality or style.

With our latest range of hair scarves, we’ll be releasing the collection in a Silk (32%) / Tencel (68%) mix. Tencel is a man-made fabric derived from wood pulp and is biodegradable. The production of Tencel requires far less energy and water than cotton. Its qualities being light and breathable with a silk-like touch and drape, it’s clear why it is a favoured choice for many eco-conscious modern-day brands.

So if the benefits are clear, why haven’t we gone 100% Tencel?

As a small business, we order in small quantities to ensure minimal wastage and surplus of stock left sitting unsold. But due to our small orders, we are limited in terms of being able to supply our own fabric to suppliers due to higher fee’s incurred for supplying your own fabric doubled with higher minimum order quantities which we currently don’t meet.

However by continuously searching out alternative fabric’s options, we strive to take a more considerate, sustainable approach to production and the footprint our business leaves on this planet where possible. 

From our sampling process over the summer, we have surplus fabric and to ensure we make every effort to minimise wastage, we'd like to offer you a free swatch of the Silk / Tencel fabric. To place your order, simply click here. It’s completely free of charge (including free postage!).