Care For Your Silk

Designed to be loved and worn again and again, with the right care your silk piece can be a treasured item for years to come.

Read on for some simple tips on how to care for your silk.

For our botanically dyed silk scarves, extra care is required:

Using only botanicals for a 100% natural dye with no added chemicals, this scarf is delicate. 

To care for your scarf:

  • Please keep it stored out of sunlight
  • Where possible, avoid getting it wet - if it does get wet, untie your scarf and lie it flat to dry.
  • To wash the scarf, very gently hand wash it in cold water and if needed, spot clean any marks with a PH neutral soap or one specifically for silk. Lie the scarf out flat, and out of sunlight, to dry.
For our regular silk scarves, the below care should be taken:
  • Dry clean or handwash (gently!) with cool water to protect the fibers of the silk. Rinse with cold water and lie flat or hang dry. If using a detergent, read and follow the instruction label carefully to ensure it is suitable for silk. Extra care needs to be taken when washing designs that feature a contrast design of very light and contrasting dark areas to ensure colour(s) do not transfer.
  • Where possible, avoid getting your silk wet. Light water marks can be removed by a dry cleaner - choose a reputable, trusted dry cleaner. If your silk has got wet, untie and dry flat. If appropriate care is not taken, darker colours may transfer to lighter areas.

Ironing silk:

  • Iron on the reverse side using the silk setting - we recommend using a clean pillowcase (or similar) between the silk and iron for extra precaution.
  • Your silk can also be steamed (or hang in the bathroom while you shower!)

To store your silk:

  • Allow silk to breath when stored but avoid direct sunlight which may cause colours to fade.
  • We like to store our silk in the 100% cotton drawstring bag we provide with each silk scarf.