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Silk Care Guide

Designed to be loved and worn again and again, our scarves with the right care your silk piece can be a treasured item for years to come. Read on for some simple tips on how to care for silk.

Take caution with things that may snag silk, jewellery for example.

Where possible, avoid getting your silk wet. Water marks can usually be removed by a dry cleaner - choose a reputable, trusted dry cleaner. If your silk has got heavily wet, please remove and dry flat. If appropriate care is not taken, colour may transfer.

Be careful with liquids such as perfume, make-up and sunscreen which may mark or discolour the silk. 

If ironing, it's best to lay a clean, white towel (we use a like to use a white tea towel) between the silk and iron to keep the silk protected.

Allow your silk to breath when stored but avoid direct sunlight which may cause colours to fade. We like to store our silk in the 100% cotton drawstring bag we provide with each silk scarf.

Lastly, please dry clean only.