Our Fabrics And Processes

We strive to make sustainable, eco-conscious decisions throughout our business but especially when it comes to our fabric selection and production processes, paying careful attention to the environmental considerations that goes into each and every piece to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail with minimal footprint.


Lio Mara Sustainable Fabric Choices

Our Fabrics


Silk is a natural, bio-degrable fibre. One of the oldest fabrics known to humankind, it is known for its strength, shine and beautiful drape and it's properties to bind to dye allow for incredible colours. Our silk is sourced from China, and digitally printed in England. 


Tencel™ is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available, regenerated from sustainably grown wood cellulose the fabric is also biodegradable. Tencel also offers a more sustainable production cycle, requiring far less energy and water than cotton. Its qualities being light and breathable with a silk-like touch and drape, it’s clear why it is a favoured choice for many eco-conscious modern-day brands.


Our Production & Printing Processes

Digital Printing 

This form of textile printing is a more sustainable method than other traditional printing practices, using far less water with less wasted surplus ink, leaving a smaller environmental footprint.


Made In England

Whilst are fabrics are imported, all fabric is printed and each piece made in England. This is important to us as it lowers our carbon footprint by reducing transportation requirements.